Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Knee high boots

Ladies...Knee high boots are soo welcomed this season. They are very sexy and can transform a regular jean and a t-shirt into a hot outfit that will catch all the eyes.  
You can find the grey heeled boots in "Guess" and the price is $199
The flat, daily, biker chic style one, you can purchase it from or "steve madden" for $169.95 and they called ottowa.
Have a great week ladies..

Monday, November 9, 2009

Leopard Purses...

If there is something that is "In" this season is Leopard.  Leopard is a classic. It has been In and Out of our lives forever, and this season they are back.  I love Leopard Purses because they are gorgeous. When you wear them with head to toe black outfits, they are the total head turner's.  I also happened to think that they go amazing during the day with dark color jeans, a white shirt, flats or heels and a black cardigan. They grab attention wherever they go and whatever you wear them with.  You just have to be careful that NOT to mix more than two colors with it.  The First heart tote is called"Ella" by Tory Burch and It is $195. A reasonable price for Tory Burch. You can use it daily and fit lots of neccessary things that a girl needs in it.
Second larger size purse is a classic D&G, which is $995. Again it is great for day time,
My favorite is the mini purse from Jimmy Choo for H&M collection. It is $129. You can use it with the chain or without it.  Perfect for day time and night time. Can't wait the line's release time which is November 14th, so I can get my hands on it...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Great brand for an inexpensive price..

This YSL clutch is lately my favorite. It has a great patent leather, is very chic with lots of space in it.  It comes in two sizes. None of them is small so you can fit your make up and other necessary things in it. Great at a Cocktail party, dinner, clubbing, at a wedding with your couture dress or even during the day If you are going to lunch with a good friend..
As I said price is amazing:$395
There is only $10-$20 difference between the smaller and the larger size. Available at, or


Hi everyone, This is "me". I created this blog because I am a true fashion lover just like the other %90 of the girls. I recently graduated and I can not wait to put my hands at a job that is related with PURSES,SHOES,SKIRTS,PANTS,DRESSES....etc.
So far nothing happened and it is because I live in "San Diego". Not exactly the Fashionista's city. 
In this blog, We are going to discuss some of Oz's Fashion, other's fashion, where can u find the GREAT stuff for a good price, What we should buy this season and what we shouldn't!! 
Nice to meet everyone...

P.S: My biggest obsession are the PURSES!!