Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love the jacket!!

more Olivia...

Olivia Palermo

Here are some Olivia Palermo looks from the London Fashion week. I adore her. She is so beautiful, elegant, chic and allways pulled together. Plus she has an exquisite taste in fashion. I will keep posting my favorite looks of her.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

what I wear to work today??

Hi- I wanted to share with you what I wear to work today.
Rings-UcC (from Turkey)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

How do you like this t-shirt?

I just made this t-shirt and I am loving it:)) Its from Swarovski crystals and I put me and my husbands name on it...

Today I wore my new headband again...LOVE IT!!!

GEL nails...

My new obsession "gel nails". I am totally against acrylic,fake nails but I really liked gel nails.
This is the 3rd time I am having them and they usually last very long. They don't look thick and ugly and fake as acrylic ones. Its just 2 coats of clear gel.
It looks very shiny and nothing happens to them for weeks.Example: my nails got caught in the garage door, my nails got all purple but nothing happened to my manicure. I had purple nails with the perfect manicure.
Totally worth the money:)
Let's see how they re going to look? This time I got them in dark color and this is the 2nd day. I will post pic.s

Friday, September 10, 2010


Just tonight walking in downtown with my husband after dinner, I pushed him into "Urban Outfitters" and found this adorable headband. Its like metal but looks very nice on hair. It is wearable night time and daytime.. It adds a little something to your outfit;))
It costs $24. I didnt mind because I collect headbands. I love them all but I think this one is going to be my fave for a while...
Love xoxo

Friday, September 3, 2010

Cook Book

Today, While I was shopping at Costco for my groceries, this cook book took my attention. It caught my attention because; the content is very explanatory. It has pictures for all the steps that you are supposed to take. I allways had problems with "English" cook books because they either have a final picture or not at all. When it is not your first language, It is really hard to understand some of the cooking terms or ingredients. But with the help of the pictures of the each step, I think it will be much easier...Since I get back from Turkey I am into cooking very much.. We get together with friends and have cooking parties and we cook for a month for each of us and we watch "Julie/Julia":))

Book is from "Costco" called;" frame by frame quick and easy" and they had other versions like Italian, Asian too. I picked this one cuz others seemed like too much ingredients for each dish...
it costs: $8.99

I am sad mommy:((

Thor boreee....

I decided that I am not going to write about just fashion in my life any more. I am going to write about the fun things, interesting things that are going on in my life too. I want my readers (if there is any out there)!!! to feel closer to my life...
Here is my baby boy Thor. He is the sweetest thing in our home... He loves playing with his toys, sleeping, eating like every other dog but; in addition to those he also likes to puke a lot, snore loudly and fart very smelly too! sooo smelly that you have to evacuate the room right away otherwise you are in danger of passing out:))
In this picture he is trying to put the sun in his nose. He stays in this position for minutes...
xoxo oz