Friday, September 3, 2010

Cook Book

Today, While I was shopping at Costco for my groceries, this cook book took my attention. It caught my attention because; the content is very explanatory. It has pictures for all the steps that you are supposed to take. I allways had problems with "English" cook books because they either have a final picture or not at all. When it is not your first language, It is really hard to understand some of the cooking terms or ingredients. But with the help of the pictures of the each step, I think it will be much easier...Since I get back from Turkey I am into cooking very much.. We get together with friends and have cooking parties and we cook for a month for each of us and we watch "Julie/Julia":))

Book is from "Costco" called;" frame by frame quick and easy" and they had other versions like Italian, Asian too. I picked this one cuz others seemed like too much ingredients for each dish...
it costs: $8.99

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